• Soheila Sadegh

Vendor Spotlight: Elite Dental Care

We love being able to recommend fantastic local vendors to our clients. Whatever type of treatment they may be after, we find that (9 times out of 10) at least, our team are on hand with a great recommendation for a superb local business, who shares our ethos of luxury treatments of only the finest quality.

At Soleil, we think that life is all about treating yourself to the very best that life has to offer. Our sensational range of speciality services are designed to treat our clients to a relaxing, rejuvenating treatment, that reawakens and refreshes both their body and mind alike.

Furthermore, we think that it's super important to apply this principle to all forms of our self care and beauty based treatments that we pay for. For us, it is absolutely critical that this includes choosing a dentist of exceptional talent and merit. This is why, for this week’s edition of our vendor spotlight blog series, we wanted to showcase the sensational work of Elite Dental Care.

Dr. Bita Zavari of Elite Dental Care is a super bubbly and charismatic dentist of fantastic ability. She takes immense pride in her warm and friendly approach to dentistry, which never fails to set all of her patients at ease.

Located in Beaverton, Bita specializes in providing a fabulous spa-inspired experience, which uses state of the art technology to create a highly bespoke service, tailored to make your smile the absolute best and brightest that it can be. It’s no surprise that they’ve been named one of Portland’s top dentists. Bita works closely with all of her clients to ensure that the cosmetic dentistry service that she provides you with meets your needs exactly and ultimately, leaves you with a smile that is absolutely stunning.

What we love about Bita is her outstanding passion for her craft, and commitment to the highest level of service. If you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience that Oregon has to offer, Soleil Medical Spa is the bit of luxury that you’ve been searching for. We are based in Multnomah Village in Oregon, and from our gorgeous spa we provide our clients with outstanding state of the art treatments that are an absolutely exquisite experience, and the perfect addition to your beauty regime. If you’d like to book one of our gorgeous treatment packages, just click here, or give us a call for your free consultation.


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